Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2092



Walk: 15 min (5 at 4.8, 5 at 4.9, 5 at 5)
Run: 15 min (5 at 8, 10 at 7.5)
Incline 0

Notes: I keep changing how I log this workout, because I have no idea what I'm doing.  This is the longest I have run in a LONG time.  I think I'm going to keep the walk at a 5 speed, because I caught myself semi-running at times, which isn't the goal here.  The 8 pace was killer, and I think next session I'll try to do that for 10 minutes and then back down to 7.5, rather than going faster.

I just did the calculations and found out that an 8mph pace is a 7.5 minute mile, which is faster than I need to run in the first place, so I probably won't try to advance beyond that speed for the rest of my recovery.


Seated Zercher Axle Good Morning Off Pins
2x405 (+1 Rep PR)

Notes: I'm just f**king unhinged, what can I say. I honestly considered going for a third, but after the second rep I started "losing time" and blacking out.  Finally sacked up and went without the sweatshirt today, and it felt better than with it.  Much more secure. No real pain.

Axle deadlifts 66lbs

Notes: I think I'm going to start upping the weight slightly on these, mainly because holy crap this sucks.

Reverse hypers 90lbs

superset w/

Leg raises off flat bench

Notes: Finally back to "heavy" reverse hypers.  Focusing on keeping them in control and trying to hold the rep at the top for as long as I can.  The leg raises were pretty brutal as well.  Pleased with this approach.

General notes: Woke up at 194.8 this morning.  Cut out the squats since my legs are absolutely destroyed between my run, physical therapy, and this workout. Exhausting day, but got it done.

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