Friday, April 1, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2087


1 mile walk on pavement
10 min on treadmill (7 for speed, 0 incline)

Notes: Monthly walk at work.  Stride was MUCH better compared to last time.  No limp/stagger, very smooth.  Think the time on the treadmill has paid off.  10 min of running on the treadmill felt fine. Think I'll pick up running again easily.


Prowler sprints (high handles)

Notes: I don't have the area marked off, so I'm just eyeballing the distance.  Whereas before I was just pushing the prowler like a shopping cart, I've now moved on to actual sprints with it.  Much more intense, even with an unloaded prowler. Dry terrain, lots of drag (could actually smell the paint on the bottom of the skis melting from the friction.  Felt a minor tug on the healing knee, but nothing alarming.

General notes: Woke up at 195.0.  Cheat meal was 3.5 slices of Little Cesar's deep dish stuffed crust pepperoni pizza. Holy crap was that a terrible and amazing idea.  Ended up being half the pizza, which I could've finished but I quickly realized how poor a decision it would've been.

Skipped grip work this week due to circumstances.  Maybe get some rolling thunder in.

Also, bit milestone; I finally moved the 105lb dumbbells that had been holding my dipstands stable ever since the day before my surgery. Going to use them for rows and shrugs tomorrow.

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