Friday, April 15, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2100


Walking 5 minutes at 5mph
Running 25 minutes at 8mph
Incline 0

Notes: Another successful run, and by my calculations I ran a 5k in there (in about 23 minutes and 15 seconds). That would be the first 5k I have run since 2008. I MAY have run one in 2013, but my memory is a little fuzzy on the particulars of that one day. Ran with the garage door closed to make things a little more miserable.

Pretty soon I will have maxed out the return to run program. I think my way forward is to start including any incline on the runs. The program says "no hills", but I imagine it's the DOWNHILL that is concerning vs the uphill.

Woke up at 195.2 this morning. I have been eating everything in sight the past few days and I keep maintaining or losing weight. I have a feeling I've been pushing the volume to ridiculous levels. 6 week training cycle will be over soon, and way forward I think is to swap volume with intensity of effort or training density. Thinking rest pausing for some stuff and EMOM for others.


Prowler (high handles)

Notes: No rest between runs, just ran it like a big drop set. Really good at increasing the suck factor while taking stress off my surgical site. The sprints were getting to be a little too intense. Loading things heavier slowed me down but allowed for some more intensity.

Cheat meal this week was Little Cesear's Deep Dish Stuffed crust. 5 slices. Had room for more, but knew when to call it quits. Actually ate pretty light today, so we'll see how this plays out.

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