Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2104

NG Chins

Notes: Just making this a warm-up for my upper body days.

Axle bench

Notes: On the 285 set, the very last rep wasn't locked out, but I didn't want to keep driving with my legs to get there.  Left elbow is feeling beat, but this went surprisingly well.

DB hammer curls 45lbs

Band shoulder dislocations

Notes: Sets in between sets of benching.

Incline DB bench dropset restpause 50lbs
Flat 1x10

Notes: Numbers in parenthesis indicate incline setting by hole.  Protocol was to hit the set, then rest pause for 12 reps, lower the incline, repeat until flat.  This was a hard effort, but not balls out.  Left shoulder and elbow are pretty tweaked, and I'm due to deload, but wanted to at least figure out the new program.  Think this will work well.

D-ring lat pulldown 160lbs
14+5+4 (rest pause)

Notes: First time in a long time that I really felt like I got anything from heavy lat pulldowns.  I think all the time spent hitting the NG chins paid off, as I have a bit more "mastery" over my back.  Think I can get a lot out of this. This one really felt balls out.

T-bar rows dropset
8x5 plates
8x4 plates
8x3 plates
8x2 plates
8x1 plate

Notes: A solid effort.  Back was really feeling it.

General notes: Woke up at 195.2.  Think I'll need to take things easy next week during my dleload to give my joints a chance to heal up.  Most likely found my limit with the daily training.  Really like what I've come up with here for a change of pace.  With the lower volume, I was really able to push the weight and intensity at the same time.

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