Thursday, November 3, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2264

Axle continentals

1x256 (lifetime PR)

Notes: I felt that old primal evil rush take over as I stood there with 256 on my chest. This was probably the ugliest continental in history, but I made it. Double overhand the whole time, it stuck to my belt, made it to my abs, rolled slightly upward, bumped it a bunch of times, folded in half, and then there I was. I am officially a month out from the show, and I am at least confident in my second attempt now.

And I'm doing this on an Ironmind axle. The smaller diameter knurled deal I'll have at the show will be easy mode.

245 was impossible last year. I've got it now. I am the Juggernaut.

Woke up at 192.0. Been eating big today. See if anythin happens from it.

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