Thursday, November 24, 2016

Training Log: Entry 2285

Strongman suicide medley

50' with 182lb keg
50' to start line
50' back to keg
50' with 182lb keg
50' with 200lb sandbag

4 rounds of the above

Notes: Thanksgiving workout.  Wanted to do something to justify the feast.  Breaking up the medley the week before the show just to have a little restoration, will hit the prowler on Sun.  My conditioning is right where I want it to be; none of this phased me.  Yeah, I was sucking wind and hating myself, but I was ready to go quickly after each time.  The 200lb bag was a good challenge, but I'm thinking it was the right call to exclude it from the training phase.  It was better to refine my technique with the kegs vs just go for more weight, as the bag IS different, and moving with it wasn't too challenging.  My left elbow tendon is getting beat up from all the front carries; I think I'll spend more time with the prowler in the off season to give it a rest.

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