Monday, December 14, 2015


Just got back from my first physical therapy appointment. Here are some highlights.

-My physical therapist is shocked I am coming in this late post-op, and insists I should've been in ASAP. I told him that I agreed, as did everything I read online, but that the health insurance referral system is pretty stupid.

-That having been said, all the stuff I've been doing at home has paid off, because he was pretty amazed at how much ROM I had regained. He said I was much further along than he anticipated I'd be at this point.

-After performing a little bit of voodoo, he was able to get me even more ROM. He was moving my knee in some directions that were hard for me to be psychologically comfortable with, but physically I was having very little issues.

-I cant' tell if I just can't feel pain, or if I have a stupid high tolerance, or if I don't understand what "pain" is, because they were also shocked that I was a 0 on the pain scale, had quit my meds so early post-op, and that they couldn't cause any pain with their voodoo. At one point they put my knee in a position that triggered a slight amount of pain around the outer edge of the knee, but otherwise, all I feel is pressure.

-I once again blew their minds with my ability to peddle an exercise bike (it's nice when your standards are so low), so they had me peddle 5 minutes forward and 5 minutes backward.

That was the end of the session. Pretty underwhelming, but hopefully the start of something great.

As a positive, Doc cleared me to get away from crutches, said I can peddle an exercise bike as much as I want, and gave me the go ahead to do some band resisted leg curls with my healing leg. Extension is still off the table. I bought one of those old-people bike peddle things that you can just put on the floor, and I'll probably use that while watching TV at night, or maybe bring it to the office. Additionally, Doc said he doesn't think there will be any problems with recovery based off of what he is seeing.

It looks like all the at home work has paid off, and I'm also going to credit all the flexing/visualization I've been doing during my training, just because confirmation bias is great.

Going to get on a schedule of 3 days a week for the next 4 weeks. Great to be healing again.


  1. Fuck yeah man! Did you ever give seated PBN a shot with the chains/rack set up?

    1. Not yet, but it's on the list. My rotator cuff seems to be getting less and less pissed off from seated pressing, and once it's fully onboard with the plan, I'm going to start hitting my shoulders with some more volume. Right now, dips are my only pressing assistance. I'm actually contemplating a way to do some standing overhead work by having the injured leg propped up on a plyo box or something, but we'll see what happens.

    2. Gotcha. I think you'll like that once you can do it, it's a masochist's lift for sure.

    3. I am looking forward to it. Really want to get some more work on my shoulders since my press has fallen apart. It's going to be a balancing act, as I remember getting a shoulder impingement when I was going high on the volume in the past. Might just need to get stupid with the pull aparts too, haha.