Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Training Log: Entry 2012

1 legged SSB Box Squat

Notes: More a squat to a box than a box squat.  Height of box was a buried squat, well below powerlifting legal.  Still bracing with my arm on the injured side.  Was putting a little bit of pressure on it, gotta watch to make sure I don't get too strained on that.  This was an awesome workout for sure, first time since my surgery that I really felt like I trained a squat hard.  Still visualized and flexed with the other side.

Blast strap fallouts
3x 1 minute

superset w/

Neck harness 45lbs

Notes: Those 1 minute holds are no joke.  My grandpa used to say that, if you want to make time slow down, hang by your thumbs.  I think it works the same for these too.  Just wanted some variety, probably mix and match with the normal fallouts.

Reverse hyper 25lbs

Notes: Kinda cutting out the isolation stuff for now.  I feel like I can train hard and heavy like I need to, and that the rehab stuff is doing a good job of isolating the healing side.  Just happy to be doing some more normal training.

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