Saturday, December 26, 2015

Training Log: Entry 2014


So, for anyone that read my most recent blog post, this was one of those "I think I want my money back" sort've workouts.  My lowerback has been killing me the past few days, and I woke up this morning at 0440 and just plain didn't want to train, which in turn made me pretty pissed off at myself and created this.  I figured it'd be easier to explain at the start versus justifying every ridiculous choice I made with each movement.

Seated chain suspended buffalo bar good mornings
Bar x 10

Notes: Switching out the movement and dialing down the weight to give my nerves a rest. One of the most limiting factors was my left shoulder not liking holding onto the bar.  I imagine time away from a barbell has taken away some of my shoulder mobility. The 240 set was all deadstops on the chains, the 140 set was mix and match.  Still a decent grind, and some more ROM than I was using with the SSB.

Buffalo bar good mornings (low bar squat position)

Notes: Seems like I can finally straighten out the left leg enough to do these. Felt the kneecap slide around on a few reps.  Hopefully that's a temporary thing. Just used the bar for today, really focused on stretching the hamstrings and contracting the glutes to move up. Happy to have a bilateral hamstring movement.

Blast strap fallouts

superset in a circuit wi/

Neck harness (side to side) 45lbs

Reverse hyper 30lbs

Notes: Had to take a few quick breaks during this, so I'm going to stick with this weight until I can do it straight through like everything else.

General notes: Woke up at 188.2.  Big weight spike, partially from a good Christmas dinner, but I've also just plain been pushing the protein hard.  I'll see what sticks.  Got "The Keys to Progress" for Christmas, been reading through a bunch of it, and so much is dedicated to gaining weight that I'll most likely subconsciously start eating even more anyway.


Prowler, arm over arm pull to SLOW high handle push 50' each way
1x empty prowler

1x empty prowler

Notes: So, pull the prowler to you, then walk it back.  I'm moving VERY slow on the push just to take it very easy on the knee, but my heart rate really got jacked up still  The dropset was really effective, once I'm healthy I can see that being a real ass kicker.

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