Saturday, December 5, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1996


Axle bench press
Bar x 10

Notes: Should add in one more warm up set for the sake of volume. This was the 3s week, and amazingly my last week's weight fit in just about perfect for 5s. I need to rig up the chains next time so that I have zero fears about going for PRs, as I MIGHT have had an 8th on the 265 set if I really pushed my absolute hardest. Still pleased with the effort. The FSL set was with a wider grip than I anticipated. One of the side effects of using the axle is, since it has no knurling or marks on it, my hands go to what they naturally feel comfortable with, rather than going based off of rings/external indications. Might carry over to the bench, or I may have to bring my grip in to save my rotator cuff. Time will tell.

Funny exchange. My wife asked me "Isn't it hard to bench without your knee?" and all I could respond with was "Yes." At least it means that, when I can use leg drive, I should see some improvement.

Dips (upright)

3 way shoulder circuit

Notes: I'll be making an effort to push this in the future. Got nothing to save up for, need to stupidly push anything I can in the weight room.

NG chins

Notes: Sets of 15 in between all the benching, sets of 10 in between everything else, then one big set of all the grips on the swiss bar at the very end of the session. I've noticed that my right lat seems to be dominating this movement (and, in turn, is larger than my left), so toward the end I made a concentrated effort to focus on initiating the movement with my left. May need to make that focus for a while. Ideally, I want to use a little more variety, but this is just an easy way to get in some back work that puts no pressure on my knee.

General notes: Woke up at 184.6. On the plus side, I am really happy with how much I get to eat to stay at this weight. One of the benefits of that whole "bodyweight set point" thing I suppose.


Arm over arm prowler pulls

Notes: Great to be doing SOME sort of event again. I'm back. Don't have a straight section of street for 50' to pull this one, so I have to side step around the half way point to get back on track. Did this with the empty prowler just to get a feel for it, but plan to load it up as things get better. Was also able to push it back to where I needed by only pushing with my good leg, so that might get into the rotation.

Official cheat meal this week was 3.5 slices of Papa John's "Epic Meats" pizza, but I'm eating quite a bit looser than before, so this was more just my "carb up" meal.


  1. Damn, a 265 bench for 7 is great. Nevermind not even using your legs. I honestly thought you'd be worse off for losing so much weight and not training that lift regularly. I'm impressed.

    1. Thanks man. I imagine all the dips paid off somewhat. I am excited about really pushing this lift while I have the opportunity. A 405 bench has been on my bucket list for a while, and this might be the time to try and get it.