Friday, December 18, 2015

Training Log: Entry 2008

Actually got to sneak in another workout today, pretty happy about that.

Assisted box SSB squats
3x8 of 205

1x8 of 205
1x8 of 155
1x8 of 115
1x16 of bar

Notes: Using the plyo box, I set the pins high in the rack and used my left arm to hold the pin/assist me down and up. Basically using that arm in place of my leg, like being on crutches/a cane. Goal is to keep my left leg totally out of the movement while forcing my right leg to do all the work. Feels a lot more natural than what I was doing before, and I could see myself getting even heavier with this.  Still did the squat visualizations with the healing side.

I will need to make sure to be very careful in the near future, as I AM feeling a lot better, and everyone has told me that this is when the graft is at it's weakest. Everything in my mind is telling me to push and I have to fight it as hard as I can.

Standing band hamstring curls

4x10 average/12 mini as applicable

Notes: Cut out the leg extensions since I had to do PT right after this and figured that'd be good enough.

Ab fallouts

superset in circuit w/

Neck harness 45lbs

Notes: Need to start doing some side to side with the harness.

Reverse hypers 15lbs

Notes: Very first rep made my left hamstring twinge.  Gotta stay controlled on these.

After all this, I went through my full PT session. Ended up spending like 2.5 hours of training. Pretty silly, but happy I got it all done.  I think I'm getting lower body figured out in terms of finding intensity again, which makes me happy, because all the biding my time was just driving me crazy.

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