Monday, December 21, 2015

Training Log: Entry 2010

Chain suspended Seated SSB Good mornings
5x bar
4x335 (belted)

Notes: Really digging this movement.  Reminds me a lot of deadlifting, and absolutely hammers my back. Wore the belt a little higher and it seemed to really help out on the set of 335. Followed things up with a backoff set for the sake of more volume. Been breaking the weight dead off the pins every rep, no touch and go.  Actually feeling like I'm getting in some training in on my lower body days with this stuff, really feels like I'm back to normal.

Band hamstring curls
4x11/15 average/mini respectively

Notes: Performed as a circuit, switch each leg, no rest.  Going to need to up the resistance on my left leg soon.

Ab fallouts

superset in a circuit w/

Neck harness side to side 45lbs

Notes: Might have to actually break out the Ironmind harness soon, as the spud harness is pretty intense on the side to sides.  Training like this should hopefully help my neck from getting kinked on overhead work all the time.

Reverse hyper 20lbs

General notes: Woke up at 187.0.  Doing a much better job increasing protein intake.  Lots of red meat. Trying to switch out quest bars with hard boiled eggs for the future, as I was racking up quite a charge and want to try to eat fewer ingredients.  Going to mean less fiber in the diet, but I think I'll live.

VERY light work schedule next 2 weeks.  Might be training more.


  1. I've never been able to "feel" seated good mornings. Maybe I'm not going deep enough, but it either feels like I'm barely in active ROM or I go from active ROM and then have to crunch my abs against it to keep from falling backwards and/or shitting out my spine from having the weight directly on it feeling like I'm sitting directly on my vertebrae.

    1. Yeah, if I was actually using it as any sort of assistance work, it'd be a tough sell. I'd probably have to start with my face in the bench to really get a decent sort've stretch. Right now, I'm using it more intentionally for the latter feeling you just described, haha. Real deal Max Effort sort've work, where it's just about learning how to strain as hard as possible and keep everything tight in the process. The SSB helps a lot with the execution just because there is no fear of the bar falling off the shoulders, and starting off from the bottom of the position (which, crap, I need to update the log to say these were chain suspended) also helps too.

      I'll be trying the buffalo bar in the near future, and then I was thinking a front zercher style good morning to round things out.

    2. Gotcha. I always like seeing the "why" behind the exercises too

    3. No problem man. Right now, I'm just winging everything, haha.

  2. I totally agree with you about the Spud neck harness, it really digs into the sides of my head even with a beanie I bought just for using it.

    1. It's definitely rugged, haha. I like it for up and down work though. I might be super special and have a neck harness for one style and a different one for another. I'm such a snowflake.