Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Training Log: Entry 1993

Single leg squat (right leg)/Seated squat visualization and flex with left leg

Notes: Did the squats by standing on my wife's plyo box (I think it's 24") with my right leg and letting my left leg drape over the side.  Can get pretty decent depth this way.  For the latter movement, I sat on the bench, planted my left leg, visualized squatting and flexed my leg as hard as I could for reps.  Willing to try anything.

Standing band leg curl/standing hamstring flex

Notes: Took a while to rig this up, but figured something out stealing parts from my blast straps.  For the left leg, just squeezing the contraction as much as I can.

Seated band leg extension/quad flex

Blast strap fallouts

Neck harness

General notes: I actually had my right glute injury flare up yesterday, which compromised things a little bit, but this was more a workout to figure out what I could get away with.  I found out I CAN do reverse hypers with the good side, but I also know that doing it with the glute injury is a bad idea.  Might give it a try some other time.  Gotta figure out a way to bring intensity to this workout in the future.

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